Lipglossy Liquid Lipstick (JLO)

price:  290,00 MDL


Enhance your lips and ensure your kisses are unforgettable with the ultra-shiny LipGlossy. The protective, multi-benefit formula is long-lasting and moisturizing leaving your lips soft and optically smooth. The gloss provides the feeling of regeneration and visually improves firmness and flexibility of your lips. Use alone, or on top of your lipstick for everyday glamour. The final effect depends on the application: touch delicately for a subtle shine or more generously to achieve a magnetic effect.

Special Ingredients:

  • Vitamin E
  • Apricot Kernel Oil: Boasts moisturizing, softening and smoothing properties, contains Vitamins A and E
  • Rich Emollients: Create a protective shield on skin to prevent moisture from evaporating while continuously hydrating lips, offer softening and smoothing properties


  • J221 Soft Rose
  • J223 Goldilips
  • J225 Pinky
  • J227 Peach Pearl
  • J229 Burnt Sienna


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Lipglossy Liquid Lipstick (JLO)

Lipglossy Liquid Lipstick (JLO)