Sparkling Dust Forever Friendship


price:  220,00 MDL


Set your friendship goals while wearing this luminous, high impact glow all over your body with Sparkling Dust in Forever Friendship.

Super Powers:

  • Highly pigmented
  • Can turn every makeup into a masterpiece


  • To achieve a subtle glow apply with a large and soft brush like 24SS
  • To get an intense illumination effect go for a small and thick brush, like 4SS
  • A mirror effect can be effortlessly achieved when using a wet brush (use Makeup Fixer or Me Like Illuminizing Face and Body Mist to wet the brush)
  • Mix it with your favorite foundation or makeup primer to enhance the glow effect
  • Add to your favorite body lotion and use all over the body
  • Use it to illuminate your eye makeup, under brows and Cupid's bow

Complete the look with:

Team Blossom Eye Shadow Palette
Lip Gloss Don't Call Me Princess
LipSatin Lipstick Super Tough

1.4 g


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Sparkling Dust Forever Friendship

Sparkling Dust Forever Friendship