Nail Enamel (8 ml)

price:  140,00 MDL


Ultra-shimmering manicure is always one of the hottest trends of each season. The spectacular effects you can achieve thanks to the sparkling particles inspire manicurists and nail artists to create extraordinary designs, which is why shiny nails never get boring and can even surprise you.

No matter if you prefer to stand out from the crowd or you are rather a fan of classic manicure with just a dose of craziness, do not be afraid to experiment! The collection of Nail Enamels with shimmering particles is a combination of a transparent base with multidimensional particles of various sizes, shapes and colors.

Apply the nail polish directly on the nail plate and get a subtle, shiny effect. If you want to get bold, unique and attracting attention manicure, use it on the nails done in your favorite color. Thanks to previously used, deep shades, sparkling particles will look like the most beautiful jewelry decorations. The formula allows the product to be used also on gel and hybrid nails. It works perfectly with other INGLOT nail polishes as well as base nail polishes and top coats.

8 ml


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Nail Enamel (8 ml)

Nail Enamel (8 ml)